LIDS CBRNE Manifold Strap Assembly Capabilities:

Quick Adjustment Waist/Shoulder Straps:

  • Provides fast individual strap length/fit adjustment capabilities.
  • Extended strap length allows for fitting over survival vest and body armor.Quick Disconnect Points:
  • Provides immediate disconnect points for both straps during the decon process.
  • Reduces heat stress on personnel removing straps.

    LIDS CBRNE Blower Strap Assembly Capabilities

Quick adjustment for individual strap length/fit adjustment requirements. Can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.

Shoulder Pad:

  • Molded from soft, flexible, rubberized plastic.
  • Encases the webbing and keeps it from chafing at the neck and shoulder.Blower Hose Retention Strap:
  • Keeps blower hose from dragging on contaminated surfaces.
  • Reduces hose tripping hazard/inadvertent disconnect.Rubberized Blower Strap Handle:
  • Provides aircrew member with a non-slip carrying handle.
  • Reduces damages to blowers.Quick Disconnect Points:
  • Allows aircrew member to quickly from blower.
  • Allows for quick disconnect of all straps during decon.Carabiner Loop Attachment Point:
  • Allows for carabiner attachment to handle assembly.
  • Provides quick hanging of blower assembly during decon.