Wel-Fab, Inc has developed a new Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination System (LIDS) Emergency Management (EM) for use as a field deployable Contamination Control Area (CCA) supporting EM personnel performing decontamination processing procedures.

LIDS EM was specifically designed and engineered for today’s quick response Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Emergency Management (EM) Teams. This system provides complete Contamination Control Area (CCA) decontamination capability for Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory EM personnel while wearing the Level A, B, and C Hazmat Suits.

The LIDS EM package provides a Tactical Decon System, which meets all of the stand-alone requirements for worldwide deployment. LIDS EM provides a complete stand-alone decontamination capability, which can be rapidly and easily re-supplied by WFI when needed. LIDS EM can be expediently and effortlessly setup on all improved and unapproved surfaces, using minimal EM manpower.

LIDS EM provides a quantum leap forward in decontamination system capability for use during the EM CCA Process. Building on the unmatched quality, modularity, and flexibility of our company’s products, we worked closely with numerous EM and CST units to develop this most advanced and easy to use personnel decontamination system available today.

The benefits of owning this ultimate decontamination system translates into unparalleled logistic improvements, reduced unit footprint, shorten technician-training time, reduced setup/breakdown times, and the fastest relocation times during extremely austere and diverse emergency response conditions within all types of EM field operations.

LIDS was independently tested and validated by the USAF Air Warfare Center and approved for use by the Department of Defense, Joint Program Executive Office (JPEO) for CBRNE use. The lightweight and ergonomic design of LIDS was proven during testing to significantly reduce technician thermal burden that is usually associated with the setup and operation of a decontamination systems.

LIDS™ emergency Management (EM)

Rapid Deployment and Setup:

5 Fully Enclosed LIDS Shelters provided.

Complete system set up by two personnel in under 20 minutes.

Each shelter structure inflates within two minutes or less

Protective Shelters Canopies:

Environmental Control Unit (ECU) Heating/Cooling Integration Chute.

Clear window panels provide unobstructed view throughout the processing line.

Roll up canopy panels signifantly reduce thermal burden.

Modular Decon System:

Shelters can be split up for independent multi-location operations.

Shelters/Stations can be individually spaced apart as required.

Shelters can be connected end-to-end using velcro connection.

Multi Surface Setup/Anchoring Capabilities:

Soft Surfaces (Grass/Dirt): Weight Bag Kit, Water Bags, and Spike Stakes.

Hard Surfaces (Concrete/Black Top): Weight Bag Kit, Water Bags.

Integrated Gross and Technical Decon:

Three completely integerated plumbing systems.

Gross Decon: 5 Nozzle shower system provides maximum deluge.

Technical Decon: Coiled spray hose, handheld sprayer, and rinsing wand maximizes decontamination contamination process.

Privacy Comfort Shower and Redress Area:

Pre-Installed shower plumbing.

Integrated towel and Tyvek suit storage.

Integrated Berm System:

Berms are quickly setup within seconds.

Captures all gray water run off Eliminates run off during decon operations.

Emergency Decontamination Area Incorporated:

Supports rapid man-down decon procedures.

Overhead spray/deluge capability.

Berms are quickly setup within seconds Capture gray water at all required stations.

Coiled shower spray hoses.

Harden Shelter Protective Containers (Pelican Cases):

Multiple point locking system.

Pressure relief valve Roller wheels and carrying handles allow for single person handling.

Interior and Exterior Lighting:

18 Exterior Lights 10 Interior Lights.

Slip Resistant Flooring System:

Elevated platform,.

Down range entry to liquid control line.

EPDS/Rapid Response Kit—Non-Inflating:

1 complete response kit.

5’X5’ Berm.

Industry Leading System Warranty:

Initial 3 year warranty Maintenance and service contracts provided.

10 year service life.