Staging Area Shelter

The LIDS staging area shelter is a compact, lightweight, self-contained, easily transportable, multi-purpose shelter designed to provide aircrew and ground personnel protection against inclement weather conditions. This shelter significantly reduces exposure of personnel to high heat conditions, direct sunlight, rain and high winds. Approximately 20 personnel and their individual equipment can be in the shelter prior to processing through LIDS CBRNE. This system is comprised of two inflatable shelters 10’ x 10’ x 8’. These two standard shelters are joined together using quick disconnect snaps forming a 10’ x 20’ x 8’ shelter. Each shelter inflates in approximately 90 seconds. The staging area shelter can be

fully enclosed to provide overhead protection and shading. Each end of the shelter can be independently rolled up or all four sides can be rolled up as required. Sides are held up using quick disconnect snaps, allowing shaded airflow when needed. The staging shelter cover also contains doors on both ends to allow entry when the shelter is fully enclosed. Multiple high strength nylon anchoring straps and points are used to secure each structure in place. These have been tested to withstand sustained winds of 25 knots.

Each staging shelter comes with the following equipment: an electric fan, extension cords, three way adapters, external lights, spikes, folding chairs, repair kit, mops, buckets, hammer, blower and vacuum system, and non-collapsible WFI-AMC container. Staging area shelters fully meet operational requirements to support decontamination processing lines. Decontamination of equipment along with medical and mobility processing are only a few of the ways the system can be used.