The Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination System Civil Support Team (LIDS CST) model was specifically designed for today’s quick response Weapons of Mass Destruction, Civil Support Teams. This system provides complete Contamination Control Area (CCA) decontamination capability for CST personnel while wearing Level A Suits. LIDS CST can be set up quickly and easily on all improved and unimproved surfaces in an expedient amount of time.

LIDS CST System Capabilities and Benefits:

• Rapid Deployment and Setup:
> Complete system setup by two personnel in under 20 minutes. > Each shelter section inflates within 90 seconds.

• Integrated Gross and Technical Decon:
> 5 nozzle shower system provides maximum gross Decon. > Sprayer/rinsing wand supports Technical Decon.

• Integrates With Existing CST Decon Equipment:
> Flash heater/water supply source connections. > Utilizes current sump pumping equipment.

• Fully Integrated Berm System:
> Berms are quickly setup within seconds.
> Capture gray water at all required stations. > Eliminates run off during decon operations.

• Emergency Decontamination Area Incorporated: > Supports rapid man down Decon procedures.

• Industry Leading Warranty:
> 3 year system warranty, 1 year parts warranty.